This board is called the twin terror hybrid model.
It is a full glass board made in the p-camber mould.
This is a pavel-exclusive double spoon-concave board with a slight camber in the middle meant to load and unload during turns.
Extra carbon layers strengthen the middle section.

Color options are: blue, black, red, white, assorted fabrics or extra carbon bottom.

The twin-terror is one of 2 pro-models I did for my super-team-guys Louis and Bruno from england.
This board has a hybrid wheelbase of 21/22" sports a wide front-section and a diamond-nose.
I walked away from the long and pointy noses I tend to do and made this board very short but still sexy.


  • Length: 32,5"
  • Width: widest point front: 9" widest point gas-pedals: 8.75"
  • Wheelbase: 21/22"
  • Material: wood, glass, carbon, airex


Twinterror Hybrid

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